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30 Minute Meal? No Problem!

Hey hey! How’s everybody doing? Having a good week? Is it sad that today was my “Monday” and yet I am seriously stoked about tomorrow being Friday?? Haha! So this morning, 5am came preeeeeety fast…it wasn’t pretty! As I shuffled … Continue reading

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A Very Rewarding Saturday

Happy Saturday lovelies! Hope you are all having a great weekend! I spent pretty much all day indoors since it was storming off and on today annnnnd it only got up to 48 degrees! So long near 80 degree temps…hello … Continue reading

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Move Your Butt!

So, you know how you get really REALLY excited about something and your heart is racing and it feels like you have butterflies in your stomach? How about the feeling you get when you’ve got the biggest belly fully of … Continue reading

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Sam’s Club: A Place for Shopping, Sampling, and Security Escorts

Hey everybody! So glad you enjoyed my rendition of the alphabet yesterday! It was also fun to get to see what letters you guys picked too! Well, today has surely gotten away from me! I stayed up mucho late last … Continue reading

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Five a Day? I’ve Got This Thing In The Bag!

So, I now know from all your comments that I’m not a total weirdo for liking almond milk straight up, but now there is a new question: Am I the only one that can eat her weight in fruits and … Continue reading

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Friday Feasting & Fool’s Gold

So we FINALLY made it to Friday! Everybody here and accounted for? Wait, has anyone seen little Johnny? Oh never mind, there he is sleeping in the back! 😉 I left you last night to find some snackage and drool … Continue reading

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