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I Think I Found a BLUE Hair!

Hey there my favorite whippersnappers! Guess what! It’s finally Fridaaaaaaay!! Am I the only one that feels like this week has drug on forever? Or maybe just last night when it took me FIVE hours to figure out how to upload … Continue reading

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My Accent Vlog: Am I a Southern Hick?

Well, well, well…here we are! Another day that’s not quite spectacular in and of itself, but hey, at least we’re only one day away from the weekend! So what do we do on Kiss My Broccoli for a mundane Thursday? … Continue reading

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One Down, Eleven to Go!

Hello hello and Happy Monday! I had so much fun reading over all the comments from yesterday! You guys have some incredibly tasty ideas for brownie sundaes! The brownie love continued into this morning with my lovely bowl of KERF … Continue reading

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Welcome to My Lab-Oooor-Atory!

Or my kitchen…same thing as far as today’s concerned! Hope everybody has had a great Saturday! I’d say about 60% of my daylight hours were logged in the lab kitchen today! Dang, I totally should’ve puffed flour in my face and … Continue reading

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Sweet P for a Sweet Me!

Hello broccoli fans! How are you? I am fantastic, thanks for asking! 😉 Wanna know why I’m fantastic? I finally made it through this week and now I have 6 days off! Count them: one…two…three…four…five…SIX!!! Whoo-hoo! Last week, I started … Continue reading

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Why Decide When You Can Have It All?

Hey there peoples! Hopefully I didn’t scare any of you away with yesterday’s delirium. I must have been intoxicated by the beauty of the eggplant! 😉 I woke up this morning at 6:00am bit groggy (that’s what happens when you … Continue reading

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Cookies for Breakfast

How’s everyone faring this first week of the new year? Me? I can’t wait until tomorrow is over so that I can wake up, turn over, and not see the numbers 5, 0, and 0 on my alarm clock! So … Continue reading

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My First Post

Hello! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday! This year I volunteered to host dinner at my house for my dad, mom, sis, and myself. It was an interesting adventure…garbage disposal … Continue reading

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