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Saved By the Bloggers!

Hey guys! Happy Pancake Sunday for the LAST time at the old casa…and I mean that this time! 😉 I spoke with the realtor last night and she got me all anxious to see the house again. The appliances are … Continue reading

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Mint Chocolate Chip Dessert Hummus

Wooo! How bout that for some title bait? Yes, I did in fact make a recipe JUST to have something green to post about for St. Paddy’s Day. Yes, it is simple…delicious…and can be made in a blender, food processor, … Continue reading

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Red & Green

So, did everyone have a fantabulous Sunday? I hope so! Hopefully you had some nice weather to enjoy as well! When I first woke up this morning it was gloomy and raining…which later turned into gloomier and pouring, but after … Continue reading

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A “Me Day” V-Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my sweetheart readers out there! I hope you are all getting your fill of chocolatey sweets today…in the name of the holiday, of course! 😉 I started my day off with a little chocolate covered … Continue reading

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Not Your Average Chocolate Pancake!

Who out there is up for a Pancake Sunday ultimate chocolate trifecta? Chocolate pancakes topped with chocolate mousse and chocolate chips! Don’t you wanna just lick the screen? Mmmm! Now you guys should know by now that my food is … Continue reading

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Knock Knock!

“Who’s there?” “Postman!” “Postman who?” “No, seriously…it’s your postman. Couldja open the door?” “Oh, um…yeah, ok.” (How embarrassing) 😉 Another day spent on the mend. I’ve kept up with the regular regimen and I’m feeling like I’m making progress, but … Continue reading

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Best Bowl of Oatbran & New Snackage

Good evening! Hope everybody is having a great weekend and staying warm! For those of you who live in areas that are enjoying 70+ degree temperatures…go take an icy shower and feel our pain! I woke up this morning to … Continue reading

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