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WIAW: Kabocha Luscious Bowl

Hey guys! Hope you all had a happy humpy day! I can’t believe the week is halfway over already. One more day of work before Move Day! Eek! I’m so excited/nervous/tired already! 😉 I like having a plan. A plan … Continue reading

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Knock Knock!

“Who’s there?” “Postman!” “Postman who?” “No, seriously…it’s your postman. Couldja open the door?” “Oh, um…yeah, ok.” (How embarrassing) 😉 Another day spent on the mend. I’ve kept up with the regular regimen and I’m feeling like I’m making progress, but … Continue reading

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Calling All Carbs!

Happy Friday everyone! I want to thank you guys so so much for all the get well wishes and tips for knocking out this cold! After a terrible night’s sleep (even after 2 benedryls), I woke up this morning feeling … Continue reading

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Knock on Wood!

I should have seen it coming…if a picture is worth a thousand words, then here is a thousand words to describe my day: Me? Under the weather? Nevah happens! Or at least that’s what I said on Monday! Note to … Continue reading

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