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One Down, Eleven to Go!

Hello hello and Happy Monday! I had so much fun reading over all the comments from yesterday! You guys have some incredibly tasty ideas for brownie sundaes! The brownie love continued into this morning with my lovely bowl of KERF … Continue reading

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A Chocolate Covered Sunday

Hello faithful readers, newbies, and lurkers! How was your Sunday? We had another day of BEA-Utiful weather! I think the temperature got up to 58 degrees! I went with a friend and her pooch to one of our local walking … Continue reading

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Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Hey there! How was everybody’s Saturday? I took a day off from “crime fighting” and concentrated more on getting my daily dose of Vitamin D! Can you believe this? It was just snowing last weekend with a high of only … Continue reading

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The Case of the Missing Hummus

So glad to see I’m not the only one that had never tasted dessert hummus before yesterday! Let me know if you guys try it and what you think! I’ve been thinking of creating a pumpkin pie flavor because, let’s … Continue reading

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Just Call Me Snacky Kathy!

Hey hey! How is everybody doing? Me? Well, thanks for asking…I had a great day! I had an older gentleman as a patient today (for newbies, I am a CAT scan technologist in a hospital) who was the most personable … Continue reading

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What I Ate Wednesday

The lovely Jen over at Peas & Crayons has started up a new little game that I was super excited to join. It’s called “What I Ate Wednesday” and to play you just document all the food, snacks, and drinks … Continue reading

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A Kitchen Full of Throw Togethers

So I’m totally loving all of my fellow peanut butter lovers out there! Glad to hear so many of you were celebrating with me yesterday! I won’t leave you hanging on last night’s dinner any longer. I kind of threw this … Continue reading

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National Peanut Butter Day?

So I just found out from Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers that today is National Peanut Butter day! Heck yeah! What’s funny is that I didn’t even have a clue when I had my breakfast this morning! My very first … Continue reading

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My First Blogger Meet-Up!

Oh yeah, and some food stuff too! But first, on to the more important of the two! Today, I had the pleasure of meeting HEAB for my first ever blogger meet-up! I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous going … Continue reading

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I’d Like To Make (a) Toast!

Hello my lovely readers! What was today like for you guys? Was it as jam-packed as mine? I felt as busy as a bee all day long and I didn’t even leave the house! Let’s see…quick recap? Ok! Made a … Continue reading

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